Sin luna

Samfaina de Colors

07/10/2022 /
0-5 /
45 minutes /
Theater /
Catalonia /

Sunset. A girl waits for the moon singing and playing her instruments to create the harmony of the night. When the music grows, the moon grows. When the music turns dark, the moon goes out. An owl and a wolf accompany this sweet movement of the moon's sway. Dark night. No moon.

Sin luna is a reflection on harmony and universal balance through music. The lunar phases allegorically represent the cycle of life.

We claim the moonless moment as beautiful and necessary. Darkness symbolizes introspection, reflection and calm. What emotion invades us when we are in this fragile moment of the Moonless?

A show without text where music is the language to communicate the feelings and emotions that guide us on this evocative journey. Visual delicacy and live music. An ideal opportunity to delve into the beauty and magic of the night.

Artistic file
Address: Mirna Vilasís and Anna Ros (Labú Teatre)
Interpreters: Mirna Vilasis
Scenography: Raül Vilasís and Berta Vidal
Wardrobe: CarmePuigdevalliPlantès
Music: Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Múrcia
Lightning: Ivan Rubio
Production: Discos a mà, SL
Sound: Marc Jodar
Data sheet
Duration: 45
Release year: 20221007
Gender: Theater
Subgenre: physical theater
Recommended age: 0-5 years.
Format: Little
Maximum capacity: 250
Mònica Grau: 621.288.465 - [email protected] Mirna Vilasís: 629.386.130 - [email protected]
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