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The ASSITEJ Circuit aims to be a tool for articulation, visibility and reflection. Within this objective we promote different meetings and actions aimed at exchange and debate to try to rethink the situation of the performing arts sector for children and youth and promote dialogue between the different agents involved in programming for children and youth audiences.

Encuentros profesionales del circuito ASSITEJ

Encuentros profesionales

With the intention of mobilizing the sector and promoting dialogue between the different agents, we propose these professional meetings according to the following objectives:

  • Make inspiring projects visible. 
  • Influence certain areas of action or intervention, reflect and open debate to articulate the sector. 
  • Provide a meeting place and create community. Find us.

Wednesday, October 4 at 5:00 p.m.

Diversity on stage: changing the perspective

A conversation with the Millimeter Collective and Vero Cendoya 

Last Wednesday, October 4, we celebrated, via Zoom, the first professional meeting of the ASSITEJ 2023 Circuit, which was called “Diversity on stage: changing the perspective. A conversation with the Millimeter Collective and Vero Cendoya.”


The ASSITEJ Circuit has this year with these two companies who seek to serve diversity on stage and making use of the performing arts as tools of social transformation, changing society's gaze towards vulnerable groups.


At this meeting we had the opportunity to talk with Patricia Ruz and Verónica Cendoya about their creative processes, the professionalization of people with disabilities, or what an inclusive show is, among other issues.

Monday, October 23 at 5:00 p.m.

Hello hands and feet… A version specifically adapted for boys and girls with autism of
…and ideas fly

A conversation with Animal Religion

On Monday, October 23, 2023, within the framework of the professional meetings of the ASSITEJ Circuit, we had the pleasure of starting a conversation with the Catalan circus company Animal Religion.


Animal Religion's work can be defined as a fusion of contemporary circus, dance and music, allowing themes of animality to inspire and influence them. Animal Religion wants to encourage the wild and illogical within the audience, and try to illuminate strange routines in modern life.


In this meeting, Joan Cot Ros, Jou Serra and Quim Giron told us how one day they embarked on the transformation of a show, “…and ideas fly”, into an adapted proposal.


With you: “Hello hands and feet…” A version specifically adapted for boys and girls with autism of “…and ideas fly.” A conversation with Animal Religion.

Thursday, October 26 at 5:00 p.m.

What is accessibility in family shows?

Training with Accessible Theater

On Thursday, October 26, within the framework of the professional meetings of the #CircuitoASSITEJ, we had a productive training with Catalina Martín and Lucía Mendoza from Teatro Accesible.


“What is accessibility in family shows? “A training with Accessible Theater.”


How is inclusive and accessible programming articulated? What measures can we use to make our shows accessible? How should we communicate these initiatives? How will we make them sustainable over time? How do we fund accessibility?


We believe that, whether you are a company or a performing space, you have already asked yourself these questions. With this training, specific tools will be made available to you to make functions and spaces accessible to all types of audiences.

Thursday, November 2 at 10:00

Training in inclusion and accessibility
for professionals of cultural spaces

A training offered by About Culture Madrid exclusively
for ASSITEJ partner spaces and participating spaces
on the ASSITEJ Circuit*

In ASSITEJ We work to guarantee the right of access to the performing arts for children and youth, representing the entire sector, promoting its articulation and development and creating new imaginaries that remove the predominant structures.

Each child and young person is a unique individual with specific needs and a specific environment. Sometimes situations arise that create barriers that keep them from enjoying and participating in culture. That is why our mission is motivated by the need to provide spaces where children and youth are present, heard and can flourish. This is the basis of a society that progresses.


To achieve this, we have promoted a line of work that aims to cross all our projects and that focuses on inclusion and cultural accessibility.

In this sense, we have established an alliance with About Culture Madrid that offers us free training, exclusively for ASSITEJ member spaces and the spaces participating in the ASSITEJ Circuit, whose objective main thing is to offer professionals of cultural spaces and facilities with basic knowledge and tools related to inclusion and accessibility, so that both they and their spaces are prepared to accommodate groups with specific needs. 



  • What is About Culture? 
  • How does it work? 
  • Basic concepts of diversity, inclusion and accessibility 
  • Social groups: characteristics, needs and basic recommendations to welcome them and communicate with them
  • Basic recommendations 
  • People with physical disabilities 
  • People with intellectual disabilities 
  • People with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
  • People with visual disabilities
  • People with hearing disabilities 
  • People with social problems derived from mental health disorder 
  • Older people and people with cognitive impairment 
  • People in situations of social exclusion 

Taught by: Cristina Arroyo

Duration: 4 hours. 15 minute break included

* Only spaces that are members of ASSITEJ and participants in this edition of the Circuit may participate.

Wednesday, November 15 at 17:00 (ESP) / 16:00 (UK)

ANDn conversation with Chickenshed:
a theater company for absolutely everyone  

On Wednesday, November 15, within the framework of the Professional Meetings of the ASSITEJ Circuit, we had an interesting conversation with Chickenshed: a theater company for absolutely everyone.


London company Chickenshed has been creating, producing and training in the performing arts since the 1970s with the vision of creating a society in which everyone has space to flourish.


Driven by the need to shake up established powers and structures, they embrace chaos and challenge to create wonder and change.


Pete Dowse and the Chickenshed told us about their experiences on how to make a theater absolutely for everyone, working from different angles, among which we highlight an inclusive training and professionalization program with its own title.

Wednesday, November 22 at 5:00 p.m.

Community theater: other ways of understanding and living the performing arts

A conversation between Sara Pinedo and Anelvi Rivera

On Wednesday, November 22, via Zoom, we celebrated the sixth and last of the Professional Meetings of the ASSITEJ 2023 Circuit: “Community theater: other ways of understanding and experiencing the performing arts. “A conversation between Sara Pinedo and Anelvi Rivera.”


Community theater arises from the community and is for the community. Take a step back, return to the essence, work from the transformative nature of the performing arts in society, put the focus on the community, emancipate ourselves from the need for creations as consumer products and turn our attention towards the conception of what participatory, deviate from the prevailing hegemonic discourses and work from artistic activism.


The Mexican stage creator and artivist Sara Pinedo will talk with Anelvi Rivera, deputy director of the Theater for Girls, Boys and Young People and School Theater programs in Mexico City. Thanks to their experiences, we travel to different projects and groups that raise awareness of contemporary problems and challenges. We discover how the performing arts are a way to address them.


Moderated: Enric Blasi, actor and director of La Baldufa and co-director of the EnRe9 festival.


Sara Pinedo
Sara Pinedo
Enric Blasi
Anelvi Rivera
Anelvi Rivera
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