Praga, 1941. Jóvenes rubios de parar de gritar frente a mi casa


20220504 /
+12 /
70 minutos /
Theater /
Madrid /

Television reports that the shuttle “Columbia” has suffered an accident while returning to earth after a lunar expedition. In the news there is a drawing that one of the astronauts had brought: the terrestrial globe seen from space. Daniel, a boy who lives in Prague, recognizes the drawing and believes that there are several similar ones in his father's storage room. Indeed, there he finds a box with prints and notebooks signed by a certain Petr Ginz.

Petr was a boy who probably lived in that house in 1941 when the Nazis occupied the city. Daniel, who is the same age as Petr, reads in disbelief what life was like on the streets he walks through. The voices of the two boys begin to merge and the boundaries between the present and the past seem increasingly blurred.

Daniel wonders what to do with the testimony he has found by chance, whether there will be any survivors of that Jewish family to whom he can give Petr's belongings, or how to preserve that piece of history.

Artistic file
Address: José Luis Arellano García
Interpreters: Fernando Sainz de la Maza
Scenography: Ikerne Giménez
Wardrobe: Ikerne Giménez
Music: Alberto Granados
Lightning: Paloma Parra
Production: Olga Reguilón
Sound: Alberto Granados
Data sheet
Duration: 70
Release year: 20220504
Gender: Theater
Subgenre: text theater
Recommended age: +12 years.
Format: Little
Maximum capacity: 250
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