2022-02-18 /
+12 /
65 minutes /
Dance /
Galicia /

"Tengo algo importante que decir pero aún no sé lo que es"

This phrase is the starting point of the new creation of the Elahood company. A proposal of urban dances from a perspective of contemporary creation.

NÓ invites the audience on a dreamlike journey, stretching and warping the meaning of what is important. Under a filter of irony and fantasy, the company reveals traces of the current debate that addresses gender deconstruction and class consciousness.

The show has the company's most characteristic aesthetic, a precise, clean and extremely coordinated dance. Elahood continues its particular commitment to a careful visual language, which in this show embraces the presence of text and voice.

Where does the importance of the important lie?
Should we always get on stage with the responsibility of defending a speech?

NO is a collage that is based on the most naive intuition of two Galician women who surrender to having to be important. A contemporary scenic proposal that invites collective reflection on current concerns.

Artistic file
Address: Julia Laport Rivas, Sabela Domínguez Pérez y Kenrick Sandy
Interpreters: Julia Laport Rivas y Sabela Domínguez Pérez
Scenography: Anahí Taraburelli
Choreography: Julia Laport Rivas, Sabela Domínguez Pérez y Aina Lanas
Music: LLXNTO y Bruno Baw
Lightning: Afonso Castro
Production: Sabela Ramos
Data sheet
Duration: 65
Release year: 2022-02-18
Gender: Dance
Subgenre: physical theater
Recommended age: +12 years.
Format: little
Maximum capacity: 1000
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