Kernel Dance Theatre

10/09/2021 /
+12 /
50 minutes /
Dance /
Catalonia /

LONG [|ˈlɒŋ| long (English): long/ 龍 lóng (Chinese): dragon] contains in itself
multiple meanings, since it is a word whose reading and meaning varies depending on the origin and cultural context of each one. The piece has as its conceptual and movement axis the traditional figure of the dragon and is a reflection on the limits and borders with which we live within a society that constantly changes and transforms. From dance, visual poetry and soundscape, Kernel Dance Theater presents a show that transports the viewer to a space where the boundaries between cultures crack.

Artistic file
Address: Kernel Dance Theater (Junyi Sun, Alma Steiner, Marina Miguel)
Interpreters: Alma Steiner, Marina Miguel, Junyi Sun, Carlos Martorell, Marc Fernández
Scenography: Mariona Signes
Wardrobe: Mariona Signes
Choreography: Kernel Dance Theater (Junyi Sun, Alma Steiner, Marina Miguel)
Music: Carlos Martorell
Lightning: Mariona Signes
Production: Kernel Dance Theatre
Sound: Carlos Martorell
Data sheet
Duration: 50
Release year: 20210910
Gender: Dance
Subgenre: Contemporary dance
Recommended age: +12 years.
Format: Little
Maximum capacity: 300
Junyi Sun 603630472 [email protected]
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