Compañía D'Click

12/11/2021 /
+6 /
60 minutes /
Object theater /
Aragon /

A balance between the animal and the human, a dance between the useless and the beautiful. Three characters build and destroy the present with no other objective than to challenge boredom. They know each other so much that they don't need to talk. They inhabit a world in which something happened, but we don't know what. They look inside cans for a little of that, which multiplies when shared. An invitation to play indifferent to any thought. A moment of shared happiness, with one foot in this world, and another in a land without time.

Artistic file
Address: Florent Bergal
Interpreters: Ana Castrillo, Hugues Gauthier and Javier Gracia
Scenography: Prop support and creation space: Ibón Barquero and Carlos Herrero / Chocolate Factory
Wardrobe: Pep4
Choreography: Choreographic support: Diego Sinniger
Music: Sound environment creation: Nieves Arilla
Lightning: Tatoño Perales
Production: D'Click Company
Sound: Roberto Gregorio
Data sheet
Duration: 60
Release year: 20211112
Gender: Object theater
Subgenre: physical theater
Recommended age: +6 years.
Format: Little
Maximum capacity: 10000
[email protected] / 652 07 84 43
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