Labranza Kids


21/04/2018 /
+6 /
20 minutes /
Dance /
Catalonia /

Labranza Kids is the adaptation of the artistic project Labranza for girls and boys. It offers an activity where the main objective is to connect with the rural part through dance.
Labranza Kids offers its participants the possibility of learning in an experimental way the creative process of a dance show, accompanied by the choreographers and dancers of the Lamajara Collective.
Labranza Kids is a proposal designed for girls and boys from 6 to 12 years old that uses the figure of the farmer and the artist to identify the similarities in both fields and see how they coexist.

This version of Labranza is approached with a contemporary and conceptual vision of the relationship between “man x field”, “dancer x body”, the landscape of the field taken to the geography of the body. A constant comparison of two types of bodies that in their daily lives modify what surrounds them through their movement.

Introduce the basic contents of contemporary dance. (body, rhythm, space, energy, the other and the relationship with all of this)
Work on a common imaginary inspired by rural areas.
Promote cooperation through a stage structure that facilitates the autonomy of the participants.
Participate in a creative process with professionals from the dance sector.
Experience a stage act.
Promote the creation of new audiences in contemporary dance.

Artistic file
Address: Daniel Rosado, Arantza López Medina and Reinaldo Ribeiro
Interpreters: Participatory process
Scenography: Lamajara
Wardrobe: Ariel Salazar
Choreography: Daniel Rosado Ávila, Arantza Lopez Medina and Paloma Hurtado de la Cruz
Music: Marcelo Lastra
Lightning: No lighting
Production: Lola Rodríguez Sánchez
Data sheet
Duration: 20
Release year: 20180421
Gender: Dance
Subgenre: Contemporary dance
Recommended age: +6 years.
Format: Little
Maximum capacity: 200
Lola Rodríguez Sánchez, t. 679203660 [email protected]
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