Tú y yo

DA.TE Danza

18/11/2023 /
0-5 /
50 minutes /
Dance /
Andalusia /

“You and I” is a unique journey that explores how limits and limitations can become powerful drivers, establishing a connection between me and you, you and me. At its core, this show embraces all forms of diversity, for us, diversity is not a label, it is a celebration of the multiple ways we all experience the world.

Designed especially for early childhood, this show opens up a world of possibilities for babies, boys, girls (6 months and up) and families. At “Tú y yo” we celebrate diversity and make inclusion our norm.

With the motto “A sensitive show for a diverse audience,” our mission aims to generate a creative and welcoming space where everyone; including babies, children and people, feel supported, understood and fully integrated into the experience. We want everyone to take ownership of this stage, where diversity is the force that drives our shared narrative and where each voice finds its place.

Artistic file
Address: Omar Meza
Interpreters: Mª José Casado and Raúl Durán
Wardrobe: Javier Levon
Music: Carmen Garcia Jara
Lightning: Aitor Palomo
Production: Enrique Fernandez
Data sheet
Duration: 50
Release year: 20231118
Gender: Dance
Subgenre: Contemporary dance
Recommended age: 0-5 years.
Format: Little
Maximum capacity: 150
Distribution: a+ Cultural Solutions. Mª Ángeles Marchirant (+34) 616 533 805 [email protected] Laura Marín (+34) 616 273 496 [email protected]
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