Five Lines

frau trapp

14/04/2023 /
+12 /
55 minutes /
Multidisciplinary /
Catalonia /

Models, text, live music and audiovisuals
They conspire to bring to life the story of a musician
in a hypothetical future world.
„FIVE LINES“ is a multidisciplinary show
in which the situations to which the
protagonist, can be observed from different
angles and perspectives thanks to the language of the microphone
A dystopian scenario in which the earth is already dying
after the - not so distant - climate collapse, before which
society must adapt to armored spaces that
They sacrifice their freedoms in exchange for security.
Love and the desire to live will be what I eat
a background melody, accompany us along the way
of this adventure in which we must discover if
There are still alternatives to this possible destination.
In „FIVE LINES“ things are not going well, however,
the ironic persistence of the illusion that
gives us strength as a driving force to imagine and create
better worlds.

Artistic file
Address: Natalia Barraza
Interpreters: Matteo Frau, Mina Trapp, Sebi Escarpenter, Ariel Verba
Scenography: Mina Trapp
Wardrobe: Mina Trapp
Choreography: Natalia Barraza
Music: Matteo Frau
Lightning: Sebi Escarpenter/Ivan Tomasevic
Production: Frau Trapp
Sound: Matteo Frau
Data sheet
Duration: 55
Release year: 20230414
Gender: Multidisciplinary
Subgenre: Others
Recommended age: +12 years.
Format: Little
Maximum capacity: 250
Frau Trapp [email protected] +34 656311683/+41 798729636
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