Un traje nuevo para el Emperador

La Pera Llimonera

20230505 /
+6 /
60 minutes /
Theater /
Catalonia /

His Majesty the Emperor, despite having a closet full to the brim, is never happy with the suits he wears. To satisfy him, his advisor calls on all the tailors and dressmakers of the Empire to present their designs in exchange for a large reward. This costume will have to be different, unique, fantastic, and wonderful. The news reaches two clever foreign tailors capable of making dresses with such extraordinary properties that no one has ever imagined.
But Greta, daughter of the palace gardeners, will question the need for this new suit for the Emperor.

"A veces las historias de los cuentos son mentiras, pero a veces, esas mentiras explican muchas verdades"

Artistic file
Address: Pep Vila y Toni Albà
Interpreters: Sergi Casanovas y Pere Romagosa
Scenography: Alfred Casas
Wardrobe: Isabel Franco
Music: Tonio Santoyo
Lightning: Jordi Llongueras
Production: La Pera Llimonera / Elisabet Romagosa
Sound: Roger Ferraz/Àlex Vila
Data sheet
Duration: 60
Release year: 20230505
Gender: Theater
Subgenre: text theater
Recommended age: +6 years.
Format: Medium
Maximum capacity: 300
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