Ritmos Animalescos


22/04/2022 /
0-5 /
55 minutes /
Multidisciplinary /
Valencian Community /

Animalesque Rhythms is a live concert, oral tradition and love of the word, it is childhood and family, it is play and recreation, it is pure energy and desire to laugh, dance and enjoy, while we remember our own childhood and share it with our daughters and children... and all this, with the presence of the puppet on stage.
Animalesque Rhythms is also a call to memory, a stimulus and a reminder so that the rhymes and strings that were told and sung survive beyond our time.

What would happen if we united on stage 1 cow, 5 monkeys, 1 louse, 1 flea, 1 frog, 10 dogs, 3 cats, 1 handful of mice, 1 spider, 1 fly, 1 mole, 1 lizard, and a few more bugs? Well, the theater would be filled with Animalesque Rhythms!

Artistic file
Address: Elisa Vargas
Interpreters: Rafa de Juan and Alberto Celdrán
Scenography: Manu Manzano, Virtu Reche and Iker Pérez
Wardrobe: Virtu Reche
Music: Jaime Aguirre and Alberto Celdrán
Lightning: Iker Pérez
Production: Paraules and Edycu Factory
Data sheet
Duration: 55
Release year: 20220422
Gender: Multidisciplinary
Subgenre: Others
Recommended age: 0-5 years.
Format: Little
Distribution Manager: Idoia Moreno Telephone: 633485857 Email: [email protected]
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