06/10/2023 /
+6 /
55 minutes /
Puppet Theater /
Basque Country /

“The Teacher” rescues the image of those educators of the republic who flourished as passionate teachers. Aware that the right to education would make us a better society, those women worked with enthusiasm and freedom. Their unwavering vocation made them dream and work for a school open to everyone, with innovative methodologies, based on the ideal of human solidarity.
Therefore, the protagonist of our story will be a brave village teacher who, in addition to teaching, believes in her students. Revolutionizes the functioning of the school. He breaks with a gray past and feels part of an unstoppable change.
However, this situation will not last more than a few years. One hot summer day, the poets and teachers will be punished for their generosity, passion and, above all, for their love of freedom. The war will frustrate the educational project they were building. Our protagonist will be forced to flee with her students, hoping to save her future.
Nor do we want to forget the other protagonists of this story: the girls and boys who, being innocent, had to leave their homes fleeing a sad war. Those boats full of boys and girls in search of refuge and shelter are, precisely, what activate our need to build this story.
Inspired by the aesthetics of animal fables, we have created our own imaginary for “The Teacher” where a friendly group of animals will give life to our characters. We will place these concepts and historical facts in the structures and narratives of traditional stories, so that children and adults can travel through this story full of emotion, humor and love.
The teacher reaches our seats today through her students, her teachings and her people, reminding us of the value of education and freedom in the face of barbarism.

Artistic file
Interpreters: Miren Larrea / Maren Basterretxea Valentina Raposo
Scenography: Calvito&Tupe (Scenery construction: Iñaki Ziarrusta & Javi Tirado)
Wardrobe: Betitxe Saitua
Music: Fran Lasuen
Lightning: Ion Chavez
Data sheet
Duration: 55
Release year: 20231006
Gender: Puppet Theater
Subgenre: Others
Recommended age: +6 years.
Format: Little
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